How Can You Help?

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Young people today have more choices about what to do in the future than ever before. With increased options for education, training and employment, young people are under pressure to make the right choices. Youth unemployment is high and it is important that young people receive the right information and advice to enable them to make the right choices for them.   

Whilst for many young people a career may seem a long way off, decisions they make about education and training now may affect their options later on.

It’s important for you to encourage your son/daughter to get advice from advisers/teachers and speak to training providers, employers and colleges when they get the chance. The more they talk to people and the more information you can gather, the easier it will be to make the right decision.

How can you help your son or daughter prepare?

Key transition points for young person are;

  • Moving from Year 9 after choosing their options;
  • Finishing Year 11 (they may stay into a sixth form, go to college, pursue an apprenticeship or work based learning programme)
  •  Post 18 as they may move to university or undertake a higher level apprenticeship.

For more information on individual routes, click here – go to routes section?

Whatever route your son or daughter takes you can help and support them. Research suggests parents and carers are the single biggest influence on young people's career choices (even if it doesn’t feel like that!)

Further Information

It’s important to point out that your son/daughter’s school have the responsibility to provide access to independent and impartial careers guidance, from years 8 -13. Should you wish your son/daughter to access professional careers interview/support contact the school they attend.