Age 16-18

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If your son/daughter has completed year 11 and is unsure what to do next, they can contact Doncaster Council's Participation and Transition Service which aims to support young people to continue and progress into learning. Click here for more information.

There are a number of options that your son/daughter can consider: 

  • Apprenticeship or job with training – whether after Year 12 or Year 13, they need to start thinking about this option sooner than they think, in the autumn term.
  • Studying part-time while doing something else, such as a job, running their own business or voluntary work.
  • Higher education – they need to start looking at courses in the summer term of Year 12.
  • If your son/daughter is considering going to university, it may be helpful to check out support on the internet, click here for more information.

If your son/daughter continues in full-time education (Year 12 and 13) they will begin studying subjects in greater depth; they have more freedom to develop their learning and try new spare time interests but this means they need to be well organised, motivated to work independently and use their initiative.

If they do think they've made a wrong choice, get them to speak to a careers adviser before they decide to leave.

Remember to talk to them about their ideas and their decisions; research suggests parents and carers are the single biggest influence on young people's career choices.

Further Information

  • Your son/daughter’s school have the responsibility to provide access to independent and impartial careers guidance, from years 8 -13, should you wish your son/daughter to access professional careers interview/support contact their school.