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Tait Avenue, Edlington, Doncaster, DN12 1HH

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Sir Thomas Wharton Academy is a mixed 11-18 secondary school with a specialist status for business and enterprise.

Sir Thomas Wharton Community College is a hardworking, friendly and open school community where all people are treated as individuals and challenged to realise their potential in all aspects of their development. We value respect, co-operation and courtesy, and strive to promote effective relationships with all our students, their families and the wider community. We want all our students to feel happy, secure and confident, knowing that we will support them when they encounter difficulties, and that all their efforts and achievements will be recognised and celebrated.

This is an exciting time in the history of the school. Thanks to the endeavours of our feeder primaries, youngsters enter the school with ever improving skills. Students at Sir Thomas Wharton increasingly enjoy high levels of attainment across the curriculum in external examinations at 14, 16 and 18, and our best ever GCSE results in 2011 saw Sir Thomas Wharton recognised as one of the most improved schools in the UK.

We believe delivering the best possible qualifications for each student provides them with a passport to future economic well-being. In addition to academic success, Sir Thomas Wharton provides so much more. As you scan the pages of this prospectus you will observe the wealth of opportunities on offer to our students.

What makes us different

Sir Thomas Wharton community college is a mixed 11-18 secondary school with a specialist status for business and enterprise.

A major strength of Sir Thomas Wharton Community College is how well different groups within our community support and encourage each other.


Regular communication and a real partnership between parents and the school provides trust and care for our children. Parents support the school at a variety of events, including parents’ evenings, academic review days, school productions and social events. We have a thriving Parent group who meet once a month to support fund raising activities, discuss school policy and arrange social activities.

Student Council

We believe and encourage ‘student voice’. We have year group and whole school councils, with each form being represented. Student views are taken seriously and acted upon. Our students act as guides for visitors and are involved in the appointment process of new staff, including the Headteacher!

Family Feeder Schools

The Headteachers of all our primary feeder schools meet regularly to collaborate. Where possible, staff get together to learn from each other. We share resources and knowledge to best support the children. Read more about transition under ‘joining the school’.


The governing body works collectively, as an open and approachable team. They willingly meet parents. They support, make decisions and advise the school through committees. Parents are represented on the governing body via election.


The school facilities are used to support business and education in the community. Strong community partnerships already exist with many local groups supporting the school, particularly local businesses that have supported the Business and Enterprise College with sponsorship and educational links.

Learner support

The very experienced team is In the Sixth Form we seek to provide an environment in which our young people feel motivated to achieve new academic and personal goals. Our students will be challenged but they will also be guided and supportedon hand to deal with any individual anxieties or problems that may arise, as well as to provide ongoing support and guidance throughout a student's Sixth Form career.

Formal contact is made with parents on a number of occasions during the school year via the Academic Review Day, Parents Evening and Reports. Parents are encouraged to contact us at any time on any issues or concerns they may have.

Applying for courses

Please ring Mrs Johnson, Head of Sixth form who will send out a full application pack.

Alternatively full details and an application form can be found on the website (information/sixth form/ new students).

Additional information

In 2015 Our success rate at AS and A2 continues to rise and the Students’ progression rate is defined by ALPs as a excellent for two years running.  The ALPs Quality an Breadth indicator for AS levels at Sir Thomas Wharton is rated Excellent and for A levels as Very Good.

In 2015 the DfE OFSTED Inspection said

The curriculum offers a wide range of opportunities for students for all levels of abilities. This allows students to join the sixth form and take foundation courses for a year so they are adequately prepared to take more academic courses at a later stage. Links with local universities help to guarantee future places in further education for students starting with a wide range of ability. These arrangements illustrate the way that the academy is dedicated to serving the needs of the local community.

Sixth form students play an important role in the life of the academy. The academy expects them to make a strong contribution. They behave well and act as positive role models and support younger students with learning through coaching and mentoring. They exhibit positive and mature attitudes and show great respect towards other students and to adults. Students say they are safe and ‘enjoy coming to the academy every day’.

Our students really enjoy the atmosphere of our successful Sixth Form.

Just see what they say about us...

"I have had a fantastic time in the Sixth Form. I will really miss how this school makes me feel special, for being me" George Brookfield

Opens up new opportunities.””

“Good to go to a sixth form that you know.”

“Good relationship with teachers, built up over many years.”

“Free time to get on with work.”

“Help you when you need help.”

“The people who stay on in sixth form want to be here and let you learn.”

“Small class sizes mean greater help from teachers.”

“Teachers are willing to give one to one help”

“I even enjoy homework this year!”


Various Y12 Students 2012


Sixth Form students benefit from open access to their own Sixth Form social area. This is a purpose built area, conveniently located within easy reach of the Head of Sixth Form and 14 – 19 Support Officer.