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HETA Hull 27- 31 Dansom Lane South Hull HU8 7LA

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Telephone: 01482 372482
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HETA (Humberside Engineering Training Association) is the renowned training provider for engineering apprenticeships in the Yorkshire and Humber area.

If you are looking for a hands-on career that gives you a wide range of practical skills in a fast growing, exciting and highly innovative industry then an Apprenticeship in Engineering could be for you.

HETA work with over 350 companies to place apprentices into employment. At HETA, all students come out with a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship and can go all the way up to degree level completely debt-free whilst earning a wage at the same time.

 What makes us different?

*Debt-free degree whilst earning a wage.

*At HETA, last year we placed 168 learners into employment

 What we offer:

At our Scunthorpe Centre we offer:

Mechanical, Electrical and Multi-skilled Advanced Apprenticeships and traineeships.

The apprenticeship programme is 3 years. Your first year will consist of training within the HETA workshops, then going into your company during years 2 and year of your apprenticeship.

 What you’ll study:

Mechanical- The skills required for these trades are very similar but it is the application of these skills that is different, for example, they may be used to maintain, repair and overhaul equipment and machinery or to make parts to build equipment and machinery. An important part of the fitters ‘Toolkit’ is the mental skill of fault diagnosis and fault finding. In all sections of the engineering industry, fitters carry out the essential work of producing and fitting parts of machinery and equipment together which may produce such things as chocolate bars, newspapers and fish fingers, from wings to aircraft and anything from buckets to earth moving equipment etc.

Fitters use engineering drawings to understand the shape and size of components and interpret the way they should connect together. They use all sorts of hand and powered tools to carry out their duties. The crucial operation in fitting is getting the correct clearance between moving parts. There are gauges which can be used to help but experienced fitters can also tell by the feel of the movement in parts fitted together that the components are a good fit. It can also be seen, therefore, that the trade the fitter covers is a very wide range of mechanical work, from maintaining and repairing heavy mechanical plant and equipment to fitting together and building up precision made parts.

Electrical- Machinery and equipment develop electrical faults, so electrical maintenance is an essential part of the operation.

Maintenance is an action required to keep machinery and equipment running in proper working order and, with all the very sophisticated equipment around today, it’s a tall order. So because of the masses of important machines throughout the country which have to be maintained in top working order, a top class electrical workforce is required and this is where the electrical maintenance engineer comes in.

A breakdown can cost thousands of pounds an hour in lost production, and maintenance staff have to find out quickly what has gone wrong and put it right. This can involve stripping things right down, repairing and rectifying the fault. Maintenance staff are certainly a bit special, they are expert problem solvers. They often work in teams, totally relying on each other’s efforts to get production back to normal as quickly as possible.

This kind of job demands the ability to think logically and develop the mental process of fault finding. Some theoretical aspects are also involved in the work and entrants should have acquired a good mathematical and science background at school or college in order to study for Level 3/4/5 technical qualification

Applying for courses:

To apply to the HETA apprenticeship programme, please visit: http://recruitment.heta.co.uk/eApply/

 Still unsure this is right for you?

Come along to one of our open evenings. These informal events will give you the opportunity to ask tutors and current apprentices any questions you might have about life with us here at HETA.You’ll be given a tour of our facilities and be able to discuss our traineeships, apprenticeships and entry requirements. You’ll also be able to find out more about what opportunities a career in engineering can open up for you and learn about the vast amount of job roles available in this fast-growing industry. You can book on via: https://www.heta.co.uk/apprenticeships/key-dates-open-days