QPD Quality Profession Development Training

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Doncaster/ Hull/ Grimsby

Contact: Michelle Wilson
Email: mwilson@qpdforcesprep.karoo.co.uk
Telephone: 01482 225655
Website: www.forcesprep.co.uk

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We at QPD are a team of dedicated, motivated and qualified trainers with a track-record of working in the armed forces. Our instructor team have been there and done it, and now we want to pass our skills, knowledge and expertise on to young people aiming for great careers in the Army, Navy or RAF. We have an outstanding reputation and track record of success, to date we have helped around 200 students in Hull achieve careers in the Army, Navy & Air force.

What makes us different:

Our programme is tailored to the needs of the individual, with an ultimate focus on the student achieving careers in the armed forces. You will learn and develop the key skills and qualities you will need to serve your country, taught in a military environment by ex-military and serving military personnel. Do not expect to spend much time indoors, as a large part of the week will be spent learning in the outdoors, developing military survival and field skills.

You will undertake frequent fitness activities ranging from weight classes in the gym to distance running, but do not think you have to be an athlete to come to QPD, as you will see in our case studies we take people at any level, and provide exciting ways to get in shape.

You will gain qualifications, get paid to train and get a free gym membership also. QPD is a family unit, our staff are here to show you the way, and the students support each other every step of the way as they aim together for amazing careers that deserve the highest level of respect. Just come down and see for yourself.

Learner support:

We recognise deciding to join the armed forces is a big step, and we are here to ensure you fully understand the risks and rewards of serving. By joining QPD, you will enter into a close group of students and staff where you will always be supported by both, as you train to achieve your goals together

Regardless of the issues you may have faced thoughout your life and time at QPD, there will be someone to listen and support you. Whether it is home issues, drug issues or issues at QPD, the staff are there to support.

Applying for courses:

Visit our website: www.forcesprep.co.uk


Call us on: 01482 225655

Email us at: mwilson@qpdforcesprep.karoo.co.uk

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How to find us

We are currently based in Hull at Wenlock Barracks down Anlaby road. But we are expanding and now opening up 2 new centre's in both Grimsby & Doncaster. The centre's will be based at the main Army Barracks in both towns. More information about How to find us in Grimsby & Doncaster will be coming soon.