Labour Market Information

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What is LMI?

Labour Market Information (LMI) is information about the current economic and employment situation. It includes current trends in employment sectors, recruitment patterns, average starting salaries.

Why is LMI important?

In an ever-changing labour market, LMI is an important tool to use when looking for work. It can help you:

  • identify the sectors where there is growth and the possibility of jobs. Don’t just look at the current situation, but use LMI trends to identify where the jobs may be in the future
  • demonstrate to potential employers your understanding of the environment in which they operate. Many employers comment on candidates’ lack of knowledge about the sector or industry to which they’re applying. As well as researching the job and the individual company, make sure you know what issues the sector is facing, who are the main organisations in the sector, and what the future might hold for it
  • with interview questions, particularly regarding understanding the industry and what faces the company and that tricky question about “where do you see yourself in five years’ time?”

Finding out more about the sector or industry you want to work in is a really important part of your career planning.

  • Is it a thriving sector or is there lots of news about redundancies and businesses closing because of the economic environment?
  • Is it one of the growth sectors that is predicted to provide lots of new jobs in the future?
  • Are jobs in this sector mainly located in a specific geographical location?

Doing your research to answer these types of questions is vital and it may help inform the choices you make about your future.

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Specific Sectors and Jobs

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